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Ear Candles are hollow candles made of fabric and wax.
The base of an Ear Candle is gently inserted a fraction of an inch into the outer ear canal and then the tip of the candle is lit.

The flame creates a vacuum, which can gently and naturally pull the wax, moisture and other residues out of the ear and into the Ear Candle.

Some people find the process to be so relaxing that they fall asleep during the candling.
Ear candling can be very useful any time wax or moisture in the ear is a problem.

Most people have a much greater problem with wax and moisture in their ears than they realize.  Wax and moisture can also affect the functioning of the inner ear, which is critical
to our sense of balance.

If you have experienced a gradual reduction in hearing sensitivity, this may be due in part
to wax build-up.  Itching in the ears and plugged ears are also symptoms that can often
be relieved by ear candling.

Ear Candling has also been known to relieve symptoms associated with allergies and sinus problems.